My reviews...

Now for my reviews....
Stuff for Sprouts “is fun, natural skincare for kids. Because kids shouldn't crunch.” I received the most adorable gift set that included 2 little stuffed sprouts for my son and the new baby, Beach Lotion, Lawn Cream, and Chocolate Lip Stuff. I have a redhead so these products are right up my alley with his very fair and sensitive skin. My favorite product so far, has to be the Chocolate lip stuff. Nick always has chapped lips, as well as chapped skin all around his mouth. He will not fight me to apply this chocolate lip balm for sure! I LOVE how the lip stuff is packaged in a tiny deodorant-looking container. It makes applying so easy!

Many thanks to Happy Panda for organizing and making this shower possible! Owner, Pamela Kramer, sent me a wonderful gift basket filled with unique Happy Panda goodies. The gifts included a Happy Panda Onsie for the baby, matching onsie and HP tee shirt for Nick & baby Gunn, diapers, washcloths, and an adorable and soft Panda bear. Thank you so much!

Kaboodle Kids sent this adorable Giraffe outfit for the baby. We are an animal lover family so this gift will be loved by my little man as well. “Our high quality cotton garments are manufactured in South Africa, a premier exporter to boutiques worldwide. We've selected brands of exceptional quality, with natural, child-friendly fabrics, stitching and design.”

Good Thoughts Paper Company sent me an adorable “Mommy’s Notes” pad that is just up my alley given that I also own Chesapeake Ribbons. A chic stationery notepad tied with an adorable bow, comes with 60 personalized sheets, perforated for easy tear-off. In addition this notepad, I also received a sample packet of cute & stylish note cards, great to have on-hand for all occasions.

The Diaper Clutch I love this diaper clutch, especially after using the “Diapees & Wipees” with my first child. The reason I like the diaper clutch is simply for the fact that they have designed a compartment to hold the wipes. Instead of actually taking out the wipe case and then opening to access, you can just lift the flap and voila! This clutch will also fit approx. 2 of my size 6 pampers diapers, as my 2.5 yr. is not potty trained yet!? Just enough to run out to the do my errands or play at the park.

See my Designs by Shauna gave me a fabulous blog make over! She was awesome to work with and had so many wonderful ideas to help me along. She is a fellow stay-at-home mom who offers a variety of services with very affordable pricing. I have even received her help with my own business website, Chesapeake Ribbons.

Mostess Creations sent me this beautiful bib and burp cloth made right here in the USA, created by a mom herself. As you can see the front side is crafted with a trendy and stylish cloth while the reverse side is made of a terry cloth fabric, perfect for wiping baby’s face quickly.

Hanes has generously sent me a $50 Gift Certificate to be used online for purchase. Not only do they offer the tee shirts, socks, & underwear, etc…but they also have some great cotton clothes for men & women. Thank you Hanes!

Belmama and Cherub has sent me The Shower Hug, a must-have for all moms that are able to nurse! Made out of a very soft terry cloth fabric, the shower hug wraps around your chest and Velcro’s. There are a few different ways to use this but my favorite right now is to wear when going to bed for those night time leaks. So much more comfortable than wearing a bra and nursing pads! This is also great for engorged breasts – soak in warm water and then wrap yourself to let the soothing begin.

I received this fabulous Diaper Nursing Cake from
Sweet Peak Cakes. At first I did not want to open it because it just looked so amazing, but then I read that you can access the goodies by turning the cake upside down & reach through the bottom of the cake. How clever!! The cake is very well made with pamper swaddler diapers, flowers, ribbon (I plan to recycle with my business), and a pretty butterfly that can be hung on the window…perhaps in baby’s nursery? Inside, owner Dawn Weigum, carefully placed 1 handmade nursing cover-up, 1 handmade reversible bib, 1 burp cloth, J&J travel shampoo, wash, lotion, and powder, Trial size Desiten & soothing lotion, nursing pads, and Mother’s Milk Herbal Tea. And if you really want to do the Green thing…keep the cake and recycle for another’s baby shower!? You must check out this website for all varieties of cakes as well as the adorable Diaper Cupcakes!

Good friend and owner, Colleen Padilla of
Classy Mommy, sent Nick an adorable Big Brother Tee from one of her favorite Big Bro Big Sister Tee shirt shops, Belli Threads and Little Threads. I cannot wait to put him in his tee shirt once the baby arrives...

Another gift I received is from My Baby Can Talk Series, a complete early language development program recommended by pediatricians, trusted by parents and loved by babies. Crying is one way that babies can communicate – My Baby Can Talk Series offer babies another. “The program offers everything a baby needs to jump start communication before a baby can speak. Babies communicate at a much earlier age than they are able to speak. Research has shown that babies who use sign language tend to speak sooner with larger vocabularies, show an increase in IQ scores and engage in more sophisticated play. The My Baby Can Talk™ series includes three award winning DVDs: My Baby Can Talk – First Signs, My Baby Can Talk – Sharing Signs and My Baby Can Talk – Exploring Signs.

While we're discussing DVD's, I also received this set for Boca Beth. "BOCA BETH CDs and DVDs are your child’s fun and easy introduction to learning Spanish the fun way! She and her language amigo Boca the puppet will get your child moving, shaking and singing in Spanish in no time!" I received the "Mi Casa" DVD and the CD titled "My first songs in Spanish," both will be great to even start using with Nick.

Another great nursing gift I received is from Cushie Pushie. This pillow is "made for breastfeeding mothers by a mother. It is a pillow designed to help you gain the correct breast position for easier breastfeeding. This breastfeeding pillow pushes your breast upward in order to allow easy latching by your nursing baby, while maintaining correct positioning throughout the feeding." If only I had this with Nick!

Pillowcasegram sent me a lovely pillowcase in one of their new fabrics. What I especially love is that they will embroider the baby's name and birth date right on the pillowcase. Owner, Lesley, has graciously offered to do this for me once the baby arrives, especially since I do not know the sex :-) Oh, and I almost forgot...she also included this bar of lavender soaps that smells wonderful! Made by In the Lather soap company.

Another clever product I received was by Sass and Fras. The Baby Bloak is made and invented by a mom out of necessity. "You can put a bloak on a squirmy baby in 10 seconds flat and unlike regular receiving blankets it will stay on. Babies love bloaks as well because they're cuddly. Put a bloak on a baby and create an instantly warm, cozy, soothing atmosphere. The bloak's unique design allows for easy transfer in and out of car seats and strollers and its elasticized neck prevents the bloak from pulling too tightly." I received a yellow light-weight bloak, perfect for those cool summer nights!

The Blue Top Hat sent me an introduction to their Classic Baby Gift, which includes the Baby's First Year book and 12 gifts, one for each month of the year. The first of which is a white fleece blanket with their blue Top Hat logo on the corner. What an awesome idea! The book includes tips each month for baby and parents, as well as a page to record memories and photos

Mommy's Bracelets sent me a beautiful key chain. Very simple but classic looking "Made with solid sterling silver alphabet block beads." Mommy's Bracelets "offer a full selection of personalized name bracelets for any Mother, Mommy, Mom, Grandma, Grandmother, Godmother, Baby, Infant, Toddler, Bride and more!"

I just received a very practical gift from Blessed Moms Baby gear today which inlcudes essential baby must-haves: Sip N'Snak, Dwink Juice Box and Baby Light & Clip. The Sip N Snak combines an 80z. Non-spill drink cup with an attached and easily accessible snack container. What a great idea, I only wished I had this for my son! The Dwink Juice Box is a holder designed to fit most individual drink box & pouches…No more squeezing the juice right out through the straw and making a mess. And lastly, the Baby Light & Clip is a very unique product -clippers to do baby's nails while they are sleeping. Be sure to check out the video....

Jus Shar Designs "heirlooms for today and tomorrow" recently sent me a beautiful hat and matching booties along with a adorable bluebird stuffed animal. All are handmade by the owner with such great care. This will definitely be a gift to pass down as a heirloom - I only wish I had this for my son as well.

Another fabulous heirloom gift I received is from The Pink Zebra Boutique & handcrafted by Jaybird Designs. "This beautiful and delicate crocheted baby blanket is sure to become a family heirloom. Made of super soft baby yarn in white with a slight sparkle to it. It will machine wash and dry beautifully, all while getting softer each time!!"


Classy Mommy said...

Margie -I love all your reviews and items. Many of these are some of my personal favorites! Both my kids and I are crazy for HappyPanda's tees and plush panda and we are addicted to Stuff 4 Sprouts products. Kenzie wears the crispy kissers lip balm all the time. You will love having all these goodies when the new baby comes! And the shower hug was a godsend during those first weeks of breastfeeding again! I'll do an official post soon1

Jo said...

I just have to comment on the diaper cake and all the other cakes. What a fun gifts for showers.

Milk Mama said...

Great products and reviews! Thank you to all of the companies! Wow! I'm off to check out the websites now... :D