Win FREE prizes until 5/2....

First, we’ll play a several shower games...

Blog on our your own site to win prizes or leave a comment below to play (if you do not have a blog) sure to list your top 5 prize choices; then after you’ve written your post, you can sign the Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post so that others can come by and visit your party post. This is also how we will be able to visit your link and judge the top winners.

On your own blog, be sure to create a “Cyber Shower Party Post” and then include as many responses to the following games as you’d like.

If you do not blog, please make sure to leave an email address or link in your comment so you can be contacted should you win.

Second, I will show you all the awesome gifts that I received....
I have received some very generous and creative gifts that I would love to review & share with all of you. If only I had some of these products with my son....Thank you so much to all the participating companies!

Third, you can leave a comment on this post to enter yourself in the random drawing for the rest of the prizes...
If you want to be entered in the draw for prizes, include a COMMENT on this post and please include your top 5 choices for prizes. Happy Panda will randomly draw numbers for the rest of the prizes. As each prize is picked and assigned to a winner, it will be removed from the prize vault. Happy Panda will continue drawing random numbers and handing out prizes until the prizes are all gone.

*Judging for the top 4 prizes will end at 12pm cst Friday, May 2nd. Winners will be posted here on Saturday, May 3rd by 2pm cst. If you see your name listed as a prize winner please email and we will put you in touch directly with the sponsor offering the prize to make shipping arrangements.

Be sure to include your top 5 prize choices when answering the games so we can award you what you would like!

GAME #1Guess how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle...leave your guess in the comment section below.

Show everyone your best baby bump! (Unfortunately you do need a blog to participate in this game) Post a picture on your blog site to share with us and link back to this shower by signing Mr. Linky.

Guess how many diapers were used to make this Nursing Diaper Cake made by Sweet Pea Cakes.

Share with us your labor/delivery story...feel free to include pictures when posting this game on your blogging site.


Pamela Kramer said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so excited to be the first to join in. These games look like fun. I don't have any bump pictures but I love a good guessing game. Thanks Margie!

laura said...

Fun! I love cyber showers and games. Great idea!! I also saw your WW pic... you look fantastic and I agree with most others that it will be a girl. :)

I guess this will be my 'random drawing' comment. Here are my top 5 prize picks: happy panda gift certificate, hanes gift pack, mostess creations bib + burp cloth, diaper clutch, and the shower hug.

laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

laura said...

Game #1: I'm going with 136 jelly beans. laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

My top 5 prize picks: happy panda gift certificate, hanes gift pack, mostess creations bib + burp cloth, diaper clutch, and the shower hug.

Goodies for Mom said...

Goodies for Mom is offer virtual goody bags to anyone leaving a comment on our party post. The Virtual Goody Bags contain coupon codes, innovative mom-owned companies, and helpful articles sent electronically at the end of the shower.

Click here to get yours.

Corporate Mom said...

So I'll throw out the latest pic of my bump. I am 6 months now with a boy due Aug 1. My hubby is happy to get his boy -

Lots of great giveaways - Stuff for Sprouts, Happy Panda, Hanes and Belmama & Cherub.

brandy said...

i love baby showers, though i never had one. i got my post up
happy panda
shower hug
chesapeake ribbons
boca beth

jenny said...

hi well this is realy nice i have never been to cyber shower befor for that never had a shower so i realy dont know what thay are all abt but well thinks for haveing me and well i do have a blog but istill dont know howto get to it lol any way game #1 i'm thinking there abt 50 candys in the bottle and well game #3 i takeit that it must have been 2 packs of nb dippers to make the cake or well one big box of them if i'm right thanks and well good luck and god bless

robynl said...
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robynl said...

My first time at a cyber shower and I think I am going to enjoy it very much. Thanks for hosting it.
game #1---- 144 jelly beans
game #3---- 54 diapers

of course I forgot my 5 choices:
Blessed Moms Baby Gear
Good Thoughts Paper Co.
Stuff for Sprouts

tkeohane said...

Great idea! Love the guessing.
Here are my prize picks: happy panda gift certificate, diaper clutch,kaboodle kids, hanes gift pack, mostess creations bib + burp cloth
Here are my guesses:
Game #1: 120 jelly beans
Game #2:
Game #3: 90 diapers
Game #4: that brings back some memories. here are the pictures: It took from sunday night till wednesday morning to get this little bundle of joy out. But the pushing -last and hardest phase was not that long (40 mins)even though it seemed infinite. and Chris actually took some video of Luke's first weigh in :)
Oh and you do look different from your first pregnancy - I think it is a girl too - don't know if it is a beauty thing though more how you carry your belly.

Katie said...

How fun a cyber baby shower. Good luck. katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

Katie said...

Game #1 -188 jelly beans
Game #3 - 75 diapers.
katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

My five top prizes would be.
happy panda
mostess creations
sweet pea cakes
kaboodle kids.

Three P's in a Pod said...

Oooh this IS fun! I have all my answers up on my blog now but as the instructions say to put my Jellybean guess here, I'll say 93.

Thanks and Congratulations Margie!!

1stopmom said...

My guess for the jelly beans is 199 in the bottle. My guess for the diaper cake is is 97.

My top prize choices are the pillowcasegram, the hanes prize pack, the blessed mom baby gear, the 3 pack of lip stuff, and the blog makeover


Amanda said...

so fun! Cobgrats Margie!

Stacey Moore said...

what fun!! i love showers!!
my guess is 122!!
going to create my post!!
thanks so much!!
moore.g at

Stacey Moore said...

so sorry my last guess was for the jelly beans and my guess for the diapers is 96!!
top choices:
Chesapeake Ribbons g/c
Hanes Prize Pack
Happy Panda g/c
Polka Dot Bumblebee Custom Photo Cards
JusSharDesigns beanie hat and booties set
blogged it here:

elebelly & mommy said...

Happy Cyber Baby Shower!!
This is my first time participating in a cyber baby shower so I hope I'm getting it! I am posting my game guesses & bump pic @

Stephanie said...

Love shower games! my guess is 52 jellybeans and 121 diapers in the cake! Here is a list of my top five prizes:1-Hanes,2-cheaspeake ribbons,3-my pink zebra,4- Jus shardesigns,5- Sweet Pea
This was fun, thanks!

CanCan said...

I'm guessing 238 for the jelly beans!
I posted the other games (and prize choices) on my blog! This is fun!

CanCan said...

Oh #3 I guess 54 diapers.
That is on my blog,too (along with my prize choices)!

lace said...

Congratulations Margie!

Do you know if it is a boy or girl? I missed that part of the post unless you don't know yet.

I played along with the guessing games at my blog, so check there for my answers.

and my prize picks are there as well.

Erica G said...

How fun! I would like to be entered! Here are my guesses:

Game #1: 114
Game #3: 54

These are my top 5 prizes:
Cushie breast support pillow
Happy Panda GC
Hanes prize pack
Mostess creations bib and burp set
Polka Dot Bumble bee photo cards

egreca (at) hotmail (dot) com

laura said...

Game #3: 60 diapers

(If I should have done all the games in one post, sorry! I'm reading over the other comments and realizing that now...)

My top 5 prize picks: happy panda gift certificate, hanes gift pack, mostess creations bib + burp cloth, diaper clutch, and the shower hug.
laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

Jaybird Designs said...

So much fun!! Just blogged my answers:

kira said...

Well this is fun !!! I am prego and love shower games my due date is may 2nd so how exciting !!

Game #1 100
Game #3 45 diapers
Game #5 my labor story has yet to begin other than this baby fakes me out every morning i wake up with contraction 5 min apart they last a few hours and then stop !! I am hoping any day now.

prize choices are:

1. belmama and cherub
2. Diaper cake
3. Diaper clutch
4. Hanes
5. Key chain

Michelle B. said...

I'm so excited. I bloged about your contest.
I gave the answer to game #1 on my blog post but here it is again.
My answer is 97

Danielle said...

Oh how fun!!!

My top 5 are...
Happy Panda
Stuff for Sprouts
Mommy braceletes keychain
baby bloak
diaper clutch

Game1 104
Game3 54

Thanks for letting me play :)


Rockin' Mama said...

Congratulations! : )

I played the games on my blog! : )
Game 1: 207
Game 3: 54

Here are my top prize pick:

1. Hanes
2. Happy Panda
3. Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow for Nursing Moms
4. Boca Beth
5. Belmama & Cherub

Sarah said...

Game #1: I guess 100 Jelly Beans.
Game #2: is on my blog
Game #3: 54 size 1 Pampers Swaddlers
Game #4: is on my blog
Thanks for a great cyber shower! Blessings to you!

I posted my top 5 choices on my blog posthere

Sarah said...

Sorry, I should have included this in my comment...
Here are my top 5 prize selections, in order: 8, 16, 2, 18, 3. Thanks again!

Milk Mama said...

My answers:
Game 1: 177
Game 2:
Game 3: 112
Game 4 URL:

Top 5 Prizes:

8, Hanes
2, Blessed Mom
4, Chesapeake Ribbons
20,Sweet Pea Cakes, etc.
6, Cushie Pillow

Kara said...

I've never done a cyber shower before- what a great idea! We're really enjoying it and love finding out about all these 'new' products. Our random drawing top 5 prizes are:
Blessed Moms Baby Gear
Chesapeake Ribbons
Mostess Creations
Jusshar Designs
Diaper Clutch!

dolls123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dolls123 said...

I like everything but here is my top 5
1. Hanes
2. Sweet Pea Cakes
3. Boca Beth
4. JusSharDesigns
5. Polka Dot Bumblebee

Game 1 133 jellybeans
Game 2 63 diapers


jeffreynmichelle said...

What fun! :)
Game 1 ~ 107
Game 3 ~ 98

Here are my top 5 prize picks:
Hanes, Diaper Clutch, Belumama and Cherub shower hug, sweat peak cakes, and cushie pushie

Thanks Margie!

Natasha said...

#1- Jelly beans, my guess is 144.
#2- sorry, no pic online
#3- 75 diapers
#4- Nathan's birth in a nutshell...Very hot July day, labor started at 4:30am. Henry, our English Setter ate rat poison while Jeff was trying to time my contractions (Henry is fine, not to worry). Went to the hospital around 5:30pm. After 18 1/2 hours of labor and just 17 minutes of pushing, Nathan was born at 10:59pm in the birthing tub, a waterbirth!!

nor_lou said...

73 Jelly beans
54 diapers
My prize picks: (I could not stop at five :) )
Stuff for Sprouts
Boca Beth
Happy Panda
Good Thoughts Paper Company
The Diaper Clutch

bwoz said...

I guess 67 jellybeans
55 diapers

Great Prizes, my top five are:
Hanes, stuff for sprouts, Blessed Moms Baby gear, Boca Beth and
Good Thoughts Paper Company

egood said...

I love games, 55 jelly beans and 88 diapers

my top prize pickes are stuff for sprouts, hanes, the notepad, happy panda and Blessed Moms Baby Gear

Pink Dawn said...

Of course I blogged about this on!

#1 - Jelly Beans: 131

#2 - here's my pic

#3 - 55 diapers

#4 - I will spare everyone the gory stories and sit this one out. I'm sure that my bump photo is scary enough. LOL

Pink Dawn said...

OMG! I forgot the prizes! Here they are- see my post above with all of my answers! ;)

1. Happy Panda GC for tagless clothes
2. Sweet Pea Cakes nursing Cover up
3. The Blue Top Hat Baby's First Year Book
4. PMKU tee
5. Pink Zebra GC