Wordless Wednesday

I have to admit, I am a little embarressed to show this photo because I hate the way I look(mainly my fat face)....but I said I would give everyone a photo to compare this pregancy to my last!?
What do you think I am having?....I've heard girls "take the beauty right out of you," LOL.
We won't know until the end of June so stay posted.....


Mama Grizzly said...

AWWWW!!! You look BEAUTIFUL! I'll guess a girl!

Melanie said...

Why do you hate how you look? You are growing a whole new person and you look amazing!

I think you'll have a girl.

Livin' With Me

Liza's Eyeview said...

Not fat face - you look beautiful - got the the glow of the pregnant mom :)

Pamela Kramer said...

You look gorgeous!!!! Can't wait for the shower. Only a few more days. Are you excited or what???

I've heard it the pregnancy is in your hips it's a girl. If it's more in the belly like a basketball it's a boy.

Keep us posted.

Emily said...

I think you look lovely. Pink is your color!

Happy WW

Milk Mama said...

You look so beautiful! So beautiful that it must be a boy! ;)

The High Family said...

You're right! Our bellies do look VERY similar~ maybe pink is in your near future!

I was totally shocked when they said girl at the u/s because my husband's side has all boys. After Ryan I thought that's it...we are going to have boys! I feel huge this time around...only starting 8 months but feel like I've been 9 for the past few months! ha! :)

We will naming her Kara. I like Ellasyn for a middle name but can't seem to get my hubby or the rest of the family to agree on it. I gave him a deadline to come up with a name I like as well by 4/30---still nothing so I think her name will be Kara Ellasyn High!

We only have 58 more days!!! :)

Can't wait for the cyber shower next week!