Going to preschool

So my son starts preschool this fall and he will be going 3 days a week for 3 hours at a time. I thought this would be great so that I have some alone time w/the new baby, however now I am starting to get a bit nervous....why?...I just got an invitation in the mail for him to attend THIS week for 3 days before the school year ends. It's one thing to prepare myself for the fall but to have him go now, all of a sudden....? I think I will really miss the little guy! LOL As much as I complain about trying to keep up with him while being 9 months pregnant, my true emotions are starting to shine through.

Oh but Nick is VERY excited at the idea of going to school and leaving me, LOL. I am sure he will be fine as he always has been. It seems over the past 3 years that it is more ME that has a hard time with new milestones than Nick (ie. removing the pacifier, sleeping in big boy bed, staying w/my mom for overnights, etc...)

Well we're off to get ready for school! Wish me luck, lol :-)

I would love to hear from some of you about you felt leaving your little one for their first day at preschool!?


The High Family said...

I don't have a preschool story but I do know how I felt for Ryan's first day at the Goddard School at 14 months old. I started him there part-time for only 2 days a week...he loved it right away. I cried probably for the 1st week. After 9 months, I add a day to his schedule...he has excelled both socially and developmentally so much!! He truly loves going to school. I feel awful now for taking him out at the end of July...there is no way we can afford it with me staying home again. This fall I hope to find a preschool that won't break the bank!

So it will be hard at first but once you see the joy it brings him, you will quickly adjust and ENJOY your free time! well...not all free with a new baby on the way! ;)

The High Family said...

OH- so how did his first day go?

Did you take a nap while he was away? :)