I need YOUR advice!....

I would love to "go green" with my business, Chesapeake Ribbons. I was thinking...why not involve everyone out there to help by mailing me their leftover ribbons, so I can recycle them?
When I attend parties and showers, everyone knows I am the "ribbon girl" so I leave with a bag of beautiful grosgrain ribbons to recycle, rather than the host throw them away with the wrappings. So now I would love come up with a crafty way to include my readers & clients!?
Would youu mail me your leftover ribbons instead of throwing them out?...and in return for the time and postage, I give a free product in return!
What do you think? What FREE product should I giveaway? Would you even take the time to do this?


Sarah said...

Great Idea Margie!
I will definitly keep left over ribbon or ribbon scraps for you.

Three P's in a Pod said...

Hey, I think that is a great idea. I always save ours and 'intend' to do something with them, ahem.... this way I actually would! Send me your address and I will get started.:)

Ribbon Rock Star said...

I have a big box of my leftovers. They are just sitting in my office now. I would be happy to send them your way. I always have odds and ends at the end of each month.
shoot me an email and they are yours: lholland78@comcast.net