So Nick did awesome going to preschool yesterday! He was shy and hid behind my legs at first, so I walked him back to his new classroom and got him settled in. The thing I love about this preschool is that it is based at our local high school; therefore the students work one-on-one with the kids as a high school course, under the supervision of a head teach & student teacher (also in the CR). I know Nick is receiving a lot of attention and energy from the students!

So he was paired up with male students which was great. They started playing ball as I was leaving. And when I went to pick him up...he was running around with his new buddy Kyle! I had a hard time getting him into the car, lol.

As for me!? I was very sad leaving him til I got in the car kid-less and realized I had 3 hours to myself! LOL I ran some errands and then went home to rest (since I am 36 weeks pregnant). I did not nap however;I wanted to nap later when Nick went down for his. So all in all....a great day and looking forward to another one today ;-)


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Pre- School is the best thing in the world! I see it as a guilt free
I am glad Nick had a good time and you got to get some rest.