This is our dog Lucky (rescued about a year and half ago....almost about to be "put down.") She absolutely LOVES the baby and follows us everywhere. She is constantly licking her everywhere (it sometimes gets annoying). So I had to post this pic of her with Anna's 1st "cap" from the hospital.

Anna is sleeping a lot but does has her fussy times for sure!? She gives me about 3 -4 hours of straight sleep at night and then wants to hang out after that mid-night feeding. I guess I can't complain....I just really need my sleep so this is the hardest part for me by far.

I hope to get some time to post my labor/delivery experience stay posted!


The High Family said...

yes it is 3am and I am typing with one hand while rocking Kara with the other!

She also likes to hang out in the wee hours of the morning!

Can't wait to hear your birth story and see more pics of beautiful Anna! :)

Jus Shar Designs said...

She's beautiful.

Congrats to your whole family. I'm sure you are enjoying her so much.

Jenn said...

Can't wait for the story! Cute pics of the dog and the baby!

Val said...

Have to say...loving the baby pics!
Too cute!

Glad to hear you are getting some sleep....and things are great.

As for the cap...we brought home one of the kids hats when they were born our dog could get used to their smell. It worked!

Milk Mama said...