So the heat and humidity have finall arrived and are staying for some time now. I cannot complain, overall we've had a fairly cool month for Philly in late May/early June. And with my due date only a couple weeks away, I have once again, made it through pregnancy w/out feeling the heat of the summer!

The other day I brought out our the baby pool for my son & dog to play .... Oh and see the little grill in the background? Well I didn't think to take a picture but when I went inside to answer the phone, I returned to find a pool FULL of grill ashes!? Boys will be boys!

Needless to say, pool time was over and shower time was to begin ;D


Pamela Kramer said...

Love the photos! We have a pool in our backyard to with a black lab mix to match. She loves that pool more than the kids do. We find her in it all the time. It's a hoot. Oh dear my little guy is in to my lip gloss right now! Gotta go!

Milk Mama said...

Oh he looks like he's having a great time!!! It's still very cool here in Oregon, too. Anna always wants to swim or go and play, but it's so cold and rainy, that I don't do that much. I feel bad lol. I'm hoping for the warmth of summer to come along so we can do more outdoor activities!

I received your clips in the mail today! They are so adorable! I posted a slideshow. Anna looks so adorable in her clips!!! :)

The High Family said...

awww boys! We didn't get Ryan a little pool yet. We did get him a Mickey Mouse sprinkler and I think we will hook it up today! This weather is tough while pregnant but I am so glad I only have a few weeks to deal with it. I feel so bad for all the mamas that give birth in July & August!

Val @ Stinky said...

Oh I know. It was absolutely awful this weekend. We spent every outside moment in the pool.

I love the warm weather...but too much.