What to pack for the hospital?

So I guess it's time to pack my bag for the hospital now that I only have 2 weeks til the due date! And my doctor thinks I might go early (or at least fast since my first was a fairly fast delivery). I thought it would be fun to ask you all what are the best things to pack!?
Any suggestions?
I would love to hear in your comments.....


Sarah said...

I took my favorite pillow. The hospital pillows were paper thin and not too comfy.
I took magazines & snacks for Brad.

Amy said...

To echo Sarah, I like to take my pillow, the Boppy, and magazines. It is so nice to be able to sit alone in the hospital, newborn sleeping peacefully in the bassinet, and read a magazine. It takes very little brain power, and you can throw the magazines away when you are done!


Stinky John Jones said...

I had to take my own underware. Those mesh things they give you completely suck....so I got out the granny panties and packed them!

Also...a robe. It was nice to be able to put a robe on when visitors were coming. Plus, it covered everything that might be happening down there, ya know!

The High Family said...

OH MY! I guess I need to get that hosiptal bag packed too! WOW- can you believe we are down to only 2 weeks? Part of me thinks this one will be late like Ryan was- guess it is too cozy in there! lol

Well this time I think I will keep it simple. Last time I packed everything that the WTE book told me to pack and we used maybe 1/3 of what was in the bag! So this time, definitely a pillow, a massager for my back, going home comfy clothes, baby's going home outfit and my little checkers board! of course tolietries and make-up, digital camera and camcorder.

I also have to remember Ryan's gift from his baby sister so when he visits, it's already there.

Man- I have soooo much to do the next few weeks...hoping I last that long! Good Luck with your remaining weeks and I can't wait to hear if baby Gunn is a BOY or a GIRL. :)

elebelly & mommy said...

Margie, don't forget to take some flip flops or shower shoes...and music if that'll help you relax. I know I got really sick of day time tv but that's cause I was in labor for 12 hours.

Good luck & take care these last 2 weeks!

Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) said...

Definitely the shower shoes- that was the best piece of advice I got. I also took my child's baby book- we filled it out while we waited with the questions like what was going on in the world and then after the baby came with some of the stat stuff. Because as soon as you get home, you won't have time to do that stuff!