We're going to see Coldplay tonight!

First time away from little Anna but she will be in great hands....grandmom is babysitting. So in the spirit of the concert, I have added some Coldplay videos above (just make sure to turn off my playlist at the bottom of the blog, so you can hear the videos - sorry for chaos)!


The High Family said...

yea! have fun!! It should be an awesome concert....I still can't believe you are seeing them again after just giving birth. ha!

Hope it's a great night with just your hubby too! date nights are so needed...especially with two!

Val said...

Have a great time! And I second "the high family".....one month later! I was probably sitting on the couch crying after only a month!

Margie G. said...

I have to say 2nd time around has been much easier thus far!?
Milk is pumped...Anna will take a bottle...and my pump is packed to go with me, LOL.