10 Things all mothers should have in their purse

Author of "The Safe Baby: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Home Safety", Debra Smiley Holtzman, gives 10 must-haves for every mom's purse in order to have a "safe baby."

Here's the list:
~small umbrella (UV if possible)
~nexcare band-aid variety pack (nexcare brand because they have 360 degree adhesive which prevents germs from getting in...also the shape stays on those tiny little fingers best).
~cell phone with camera
~solar charger (for ipods, blackberry, etc...)
~small pad & pen
~LED flashlight (or any small flashlight)
~reusable bag (we're all trying to go green and can never remember to bring them on our grocery trips, right!?)
~metal whistle
~hand sanitizer
~3-in-1 beauty product (you never know when you'll run into someone important, lol)

And my additions....
snack bag
matchbox car

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beth - total mom haircut said...

Matchbox car has to take the spot at the top of the list in my family!