Kids say the darn est things don't they!?

So we're in the grocery...picture me with Anna in my baby bjorn carrier pushing a cart with the car in front. Those things are impossible to maneuver aren't they!? My little man is climbing in and out and singing Jingle Bells. I approach the check-out counter and get in line behind another woman. She starts laughing when she hears Nick singing Jingle Bells (in his 3yr. old version mind you). She then starts talking to him about Christmas and he proceeds to give her this long explanation about how when Santa comes he gives naughty little boys coal for Christmas, lol. She said to me, "You've made quite a little impression on him."

And here's another one...I nurse Anna, so when we're out with friends or in public I use my nursing cover. The other day, Nick said to me, "Mommy, no one wants to see your boobies!" What a stinker....I cannot wait to see what Anna's personality will be like :-)

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