Out Sick

Sorry for the lack of posts and pictures this week...I have been sick with some sort of virul bug that leaves me with chills and then fevers, headaches, soreness in my neck, and all that good stuff. I have had my blood drawn to rule out mono and/or Lymes Disease - find out Monday?

To top it all off....my husband was away on business in Canada, nurse my 6 week old newborn, and care for my VERY active 3 yr. redhead! Needless to say I have not had a good week but do not want to rant too much!?

So...I hope to be back action next week???


Classy Mommy said...

feel better you poor thing! xo col

Val @ Stinky said...

Ugh.....us too. But not bug type illness more snot snot snot cough cough cough illness.

Hope this finds you healthy!