Ready for the football season....?

Do you have all your football gear ready for the upcoming season? What about unique hair accessories for the little tykes, sporting your team spirit! Look no more, Chesapeake Ribbons offers unique barrettes, bows, and headbands (coming soon) for even the smallest fan. Eagles and Ravens accessories are available!

Not an Eagles or Ravens fan? Will forgive Chesapeake Ribbons to place your custom order for your team's colors.

Also be sure to check out the football belts and key fobs & unique gifts for the guys & gals.


Kate said...

oh very cute!!!! :D love 'em!

i am visiting you as a fellow philly mom blogger....they let me join even though I am from MD. :D ha! GO RAVENS!! JK...I am not a huge football fan anyways but you know.....lovely to meet you! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

Tracy said...

I love these!!!! Do you do Penn State?