Wordless Wednesday


tarot readers said...

wow, so cute baby!

Kristen said...

Margie - Super cute family picture!

I am tagging you to reveal 7 things about yourself here on your blog.

Details here:

The High Family said...

What a cute family you have Margie!

I love seeing pictures of both the kiddies. How is Nick doing with potty training? I am still trying with Ryan...he will have an accident here and there. I've decided no pull ups unless he is napping or night time. He still hasn't mastered being dry during sleep....what a process!!

Anna is soooo precious. How big is she now? Our Kara is such a peanut...I would be surprised if she makes it to 14 lbs next month at her next check up.

I wanted to let you know that I plan to order more barrettes for the holidays. I really love your paci holder too...need to get one for Kara!

Hope all is well! Look for my order soon. :)

Paul said...

Oh my gosh! I love Anna's tights!!!