Reflecting or Delirious...? I have just been so swamped these days I have completely neglected my blog. As a SAHM of 2 (well 3 actually...if you include my German Shepherd rescue dog), area manager for Moxie Moms, business owner to Chesapeake Ribbons, and wife to a "well-traveled" husband, I am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed.

My #1 job is to be a fun & spunky mom to my vivacious redheaded 3 yr. old and chunky monkey 5 month old. So along with the mommy hood position, I manage Moxie. Now let me just state for the record, MM is not your typical mom's club/group rather it is a network for moms, most of which is based online! Great for the computer dorks like moi ;-) It has been the single best thing I have done for myself & the little tykes. I've met so many wonderful and "down to earth" moms. It gives kids and me many activities to look forward to each day, keeps me sane with adult conversation, and socializes the little ones since they are not in day care.

And then if that is not enough, I decided to turn a hobby into an online business. Yes, I am the proud owner of Chesapeake Ribbons (in case you did not know that already). I love making things for the kids and myself so I decided, "why not utilize my creativity and make some extra mula?" The business has really grown in the last year & I am always craving new ideas and products. What sets apart my online boutique from others? I give back to the community...locally and nationally. As a former Instructional Coordinator at school for Autistic children, I needed to stay involved somehow, when I made the decision to stay-at-home. To learn more about my outreach, click here :)

Aah, now I sit here late at night in a quiet house (yes, my husband is out of town on business), kids nestled in their beds, and dog sleeping under my feet. Should I go to bed or keep writing more?.......I suppose I should get some sleep since my day will start all over again at 6 am (with the interruption of a nursing around 4 am )!? ... Sweet dreams!


Tiff said...

Wow you definitely are busy. I have three kids but two go to school. Not the same i know. I hope you got some sleep!

Teresa said...

I don't know how you do it sometimes! I have a hard enough time managing 1 child sometimes. You deserve a break and some rest!

jenny said...

i know what its like to be abizzy mom so well hang in there