24 Random things about me

So I was tagged for this on Facebook actually but thought it would be fun to post here as well. Since I've already tagged a bunch of friends over there, I won't bother doing here this time. Just read and enjoy :-)

1) I have a tatoo of a howling wolf on my lower back....people are usually surprised when they see it.
2) I used to have a ferret in college (I'll have to post a picture of Nezzy).
3) I grew up always having 2 dogs (big ones) but now have settled for just one crazy, "rescue", german shepherd.
4) When I am alone I love indulge in chocolate chips and peanut butter :-)
5) I love to travel all over the world with Mike - we've been to some great places!
6) Will have been married for 10 years!?! this October...and will be celebrating in costa rica.
7) I volunteered in Appalachia (KY - Renfro Valley) for 3 months after I graduated college. (TX for visiting Kris!)
8) I used to do Judo with my mom...more specifically Juno Kata. My mom's a black belt so watch out!
9) I went on an Outward Bound white water Rafting trip for 8 days with my friend....it was awesome!
10) With me...."what you see is what you get!"
11) I was always a sucker for the long haired, scruffy guys....
12) I used to love drinking shots of firewater in college....remember that stuff!?!
13) I am a true Pisces.
14) I went to an all girls HS school and loved it!
15) I started a chapter of Moxie Moms for Chester Co., PA.
16) I LOVE seafood, especially MD blue crabs and snow crab legs...with a good beer.
17) Music is my therapy.
18) I love to drink beer (suprised huh!?)
19) I played the piano for 8 years and never play at all anymore.
20) I figure skated for 8 years as well....throughout grade school.
21) I have a book of all my ticket stubs from the concerts I've been too througout the years.
22) I am the electronic geek in the family, even though my husband works in IT.
23) I've been going to the Adirondack mts.every year since I was 5 and love doing it now with my own kids and hubby.
24) Love chick flicks and always cry watching cheesy movies.


Teresa said...

Hey, it's cool to learn more about ya! Did you hear that "she's just not that into you" is coming to theaters soon? it looked like a good chick flick! hope you're having a good week!

The High Family said...

Ok...I have to say the tatoo did come as a surprise! I loved reading your random facts...what a great idea. I just might have to do a post about that...

I decided to give you an award. Play along if you want. Stop by my blog to pick it up!