Need your advice...

I have changed the look of my website over at Chesapeake Ribbons and would love some feedback. All comments are welcome so please send some love my way. I'd especially love to hear what you think if you remember the "old look!"

Who knows....maybe you'll even win something for leaving me your feedback ;-)

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The High Family said...

Margie ~

I love the new look...the color is very inviting compared to the plain 'ol white from before.

The only I would change would be to put the "featured items" maybe in a column to the left instead of being on top. I think having the middle column as a focus would be good. Plus we all love to see precious Anna's face anyway! So if you are able to do a 3 column page, then maybe moving the top items to the side would finish the site off.

Again though, I think it looks great! I need to stop by and order some more barrettes...Kara's hair just keeps growing!