New mommy website...

So today while watching the Noggin channel with my son I saw a commercial for a new website (at least new to me) called Parents Connect. What really caught my eye is that Dr. Marc Weissbluth, author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is hosting Kids Sleep Training Boot Camp "to help get your kids sleeping better so you can sleep better. You learn about sleep rules, sleep training basics, getting kids sleeping through the night, naps, setting rewards and restrictions and more."

I have already been skimming through his book and love it! It has been passed around my "mommy network" and the moms rave about it, so I am excited to pass along this website. So now I am going to hop over to the message boards and sign myself up for the challenge! I will keep you posted. I wonder if Dr. W can give me advice on how to get Nick to sleep past 6:30 am!? (Believe me, I have tried everything too).

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Val said...

That book saved us after the second was born! My first is a terrible sleeper and my second started on that track. But we nipped it in the bud before it spiraled and now have a decent sleeper.
Going to check it out now.