Sooo...what's new in the Gunn household you wonder?

As usual my husband is away on business but luckily just 1 night this week. The wee ones are nestled in their beds - hopefully for a full night's sleep...Anna!?! And fortunately I have a MNO (mom's night out) scheduled later this week for some much needed margaritas. That is what keeps me sane....

But most importantly, we are getting ready to leave for FL in just 4 days. Woo-hoo! I cannot wait, but am also a little nervous as this will be Anna's first trip on the plane. Not to mention, how will she sleep down there in a pack n'play - I am a "sleep Nazi" (if you will). I try to just tell myself it will all work out because it usually does. Things always have a way of working out....right!?! We will see ;-)

So we've basically planned this trip around Mike's travel schedule. He was going down for work all next week anyway, so he said, "Let's all go down to Orlando." Great idea! We are only spending one day in Disney however. I know, I think I am nuts for just doing the Magic Kingdom one day but I am not a huge Disney person like some I know (Teresa J., lol). I am sure it will just be a matter of time though. Anyway, we also plan on going to Sea World one day - as our resort is right across the street. But the best part will probably a boat ride we have scheduled with friends, to view a shuttle launch! I will be sure to take some pics and video. And then, hopefully the weather is warm enough to enjoy the pools with the kids on a couple of the other days....Keeping my fingers crossed. At least they have an indoor pool. So that's about it....besides some crazy family stuff (don't we all)?

Now off to snuggle in bed and watch some stimulating TV....Real Wives of Orange County...NOT! Oh but it's sooo entertaining ;-)

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Teresa said...

Awesome!! Have so much fun and remember when you are getting overwhelmed in the MK I am a phone call away! ;-)