NEW Fiber One Chewey Bars

Another giveaway has arrived and this one is fabulous! I received a Spa Break Gift Basket full of much needed goodies! I have never tried Fiber One bars so this was definitely a new product for me. I am hooked! I LOVE the Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy Bars. The mocha & chocolate flavor is scrumptous. The perfect snack and fix for my sweets craving while also providing 35% of the recommended daily fiber intake and a good source of calcium.

"Did you know?

Fiber can help you satisfy your appetite and manage your weight

Research suggests that people who have high fiber intakes tend to have healthier body weights

Fiber can help keep your digestive system on track

9 out of 10 Americans aren’t getting the recommended amount of fiber
Do you want to know if you are getting enough fiber? Check out the Fiber-O-Meter. "

So...what does this fab Spa Break gift basket include for you? A coupon for a free box of Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Chewy Bars, a bath pillow, chocolate scented soap, lotion and bath salts, and a coffee scented candle (ALL smell wonderful!)

And here's the exciting news...I am giving away this spa gift basket to three lucky readers! To enter this giveaway, enter a comment (scroll down & click on 'post comment') and let me know why you need a spa break. The contest will close at 10pm, ET on Sunday 3/ hurry and tell your friends and family!

...And if you're not a winner of the gift baskets, Fiber One is now offering a $1.35 off downloadable coupon for one box of Fiber One Chewy Bars available at:

Happy Eating!


The High Family said...

I am soooooooooo EXCITED about this contest! I am huge fan of the Fiber One bars...chocolate and oats is my favorite!

I think you know the number one reason why I need a spa break... as you are in the same boat as me! I just wish we could afford for me to actually go to "the spa" every month and get pampered! LOL

PS- just a heads up- be careful how many bars you eat in a day...they are known to cause a "toot-toot" marathon if you eat more than one! ;)

noreen said...

because I never sit down, this was today,
wake up early, brown beef for stew in slow cooker. get girls up and ready for school. shop for husband's bday gift, clean, lunch, clean, swim with girls, swim lesson, dinner, clean, daisy meeting, clean, sleep (yeah right!!)

Jennifer Y. said...

Thanks for a great giveaway!

I work full-time outside of the home and have a toddler. Some days I am just downright weary--I could use a mini spa getaway!

The Fiber One bars are awesome!! Chocolate is the best:) The yogurt and cereal are great too.

jenniferyoung at comcast dot net

Steph said...

I'm not sure how I missed this giveaway! Thanks for posting it!

I'm the stay-at-home Momma of a 7 month old. My husband is a teacher (which we are grateful for - to have a job these days is a blessing), and we are doing our best to live frugally and make the best of what we have (teachers salary = not much!). A lot of days, between still getting used to caring for a baby AND taking care of a household and a husband, I long for a spa get away (or anything relaxing).

I've also recently been told about Fiber One bars from several friends - and I'm really intrigued to try them!!

I will post this giveaway on my blog ( - hope it helps spread the word!

~ Steph

sarah said...

What a great prize. You are awesome.

I need a spa break because. . . well, just because. .. Does a mom need any other reason? Just kidding.

Hmmm, I need to get creative here. I need a spa break to get away from piles of laundry, dirty floors, arguing kids, yappy dogs, e-mails, twitter and all the other stimuli invading my brain and threatening my sanity.

I need the Fiber bars to sit and share over coffee and mommy commiserations.

Have an awesome weekend!

e dot said...

work is the cause -- spa break is now much needed.

love the blog margie, great way to keep up with you and the kids!

Alison said...

I need a spa break because I teach third grade and it takes quite a bit of patience sometimes :) (even though it's an awesome job to have!)

Maybe if I eat Fiber One bars, I won't be tempted to eat cookies while the kids are having their afternoon snacks!

Courtney said...

I'm tired! My son, as adorably precious as he is, likes to cry out a few times a night. And my last two days in the office, lets just say, have been stressful!!

great giveaway. and I am a total fiber one girl!

heidi @ ggip said...

I would love to enter. It seems like DH is working longer hours now and that's why i could use a break:)

Jennifer said...

Great giveaway. My son and I both like the Fiber One bars.

Kelly Z said...

Hmmm, why do I need a spa basket? As with most of the other posts, I'm the mother of a toddler. I'm trying to find a house to purchase in another state. My apartment is a disaster. And did I mention my mother-in-law is coming for a week?

Carolyn G said...

Well I got nutty and decided I needed to paint our guest room and guest bathroom. Oh my, it is hard work and boy do I need a spa break after this. I was going to do the hallway and foyer but no more!! LOL

Lisa said...

I need a spa break because I have a three year old that is exhausting in every way!