True "Mommy Confession" Thursday

So I am a big fan of the Today show & Oprah. Over the last couple of weeks they have been discussing moms and how "we really feel" & what one is really thinking but would never say out loud. Well today the authors of the True Confessions book and website had a segment on the Today Show. This got me thinking...maybe I should start posting my true mommy confessions every Thursday? Give my blog a bit of a spin and something for you all to come back to read week after week....?

So here is my first mommy confession:
When I need to run in the post office to mail a package or buy stamps (at the machines...never wait in line), I leave my kids in the car. Only the car with tinted windows mind you...Is that so wrong? My mom used to leave us in the car when we were younger ALL the time. I have many memories of just sitting in the car for what felt like hours. Of course I would never leave them for that long and I always lock the car...

Why can't they just have a drive-thru postal window exclusively for moms?!

So what about you? Do you have any confessions you are bold enough to share??


Lora said...

oh gosh, my whole blog is one big mommy confession!
i've only had one person threaten to call children's services on me.

go ahead, say i. i AM children's services!

hmmm... my kid skinned his knees and face today and i told him he could make it better by blowing on it, then i dumped him at daycare and let his lady take care of it!

Stinky John Jones said...

Okay. I leave the kids in the car to run into the gas station. Or grab a loaf of bread at 7-11.
Although, I use the valet kid and lock the car with them in it.
Is that better? Doubt it, but it is certainly easier.

And I do it so often, the gas attendant knows to watch them while I am in the store :)

Karin said...

I've left the kids in the car many times: gas, game stop gift (at a strip mall), stamps... Once though when I left them in the car at Giant another car bumped into my car and shook the whole car. I was putting my cart away, heard a bump and saw the shaking. I thought my kids had gotten into something, but the guy driving his BMW said he didn't know how to park his car and hit my bumper. I swear...

Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) said...

Oh yeah- we do this. I confess. We use the valet key and lock the kids in the car (with the air on in the summer, of course) for gas, dry cleaning and bank- places you can pull right up to and have full view. Heck, the kids don't even know we're not in the car- they're still watching their DVD strapped in a car seat they can't even get out of. They're safer in there then running through the parking lot- I feel pretty certain of that.