Margie's Monday Mommy confession

Whoops! Forgot to put content in my post so here's a late mommy confession, lol.

How do I drink my coffee in peace?...I put cartoons on for Nick in my bedroom, stick Anna in the high chair with some breakfast, then wheel her into the family room while I enjoy my coffee with a DVR'd show from the night The Hills (or this morning, John & Kate).

...And speaking of which, I just have to vent about Jon & Kate...I don't really watch Jon & Kate anymore but with all the hype these days I wanted to watch their premiere. First of all, if you do a reality show, being shot by the paparazzi comes with the territory right? And she's like, "why don't they take pics of another mom instead of me?" Um because you're a reality show honey!?

And poor Kate for having to plan the Bday party all by herself. Boo, hiss...pitty party. She kept mentioning how she had to do it herself because Jon needed a "weekend off." Welcome to the real world Kate. I am sure they have plenty of help behind the scenes?!

Oh and I am glad to see even the Gosselin boys do "potty talk." They always seem so perfect so it's good to see them acting like real boys. I heard them call each other, "poopy, wiener, butt head"...I love it! Sounds like my son when he gets together with his buddies. Ugh...

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Milk Mama said...

Sounds like a little dose of the real world for Kate! Most men in the world wouldn't have anything to do with party planning!

Oh I just posted pics of Anna in a PONY TAIL! She finally has enough to have a teeny little pony and she's wearing one of the ribbons that you gave me! :D