My Marley...

So I watched Marley & Me for the first the other night & I cried my eyes out! The story just fits my life to a T! I have always lived with dogs (big ones too) since I was a baby so I could relate to every emotion throughout the movie. Not to mention the emotional rollercoaster that Jennifer A. portrayed having kids....I felt like I was taking a glimpse into my own life.

My dog now, Lucky, is a German shepherd we rescued a few years ago. She is a piece of work! She steals diapers & eats them leaving remnants on the floor for me, yuck....she ate a whole pork shoulder once and left it stuffed in our FR couch...she steals my daugther's clothes and stuffs them in hiding spots around the house...she refused to go out back for the 1st year (she was a chained up outside dog before we adopted her) so she would have accidents all over the house...and NOW if you open the door with her close by, she'll bolt! But we keep saying, she's "our Marley" and we love her despite all the crazy times :-)

...the pork we found in the couch!?

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