True mommy confession Thursday my confession for today, well I actually never play kids songs for my kids in the car, home...anywhere. I really like my music (which you know if you follow my blog) and so I didn't want to get my kids in the habit of listening to their own CDs; therefore I just don't play any for them.

Are you familiar with those little kits you get in Kindermusik class? Yeah, well I maybe only played the CD once, if at all.

I do sing songs to them from time to time, I do allow the singing books (that counts right!?), so now they really do seem to love my we're all happy ;-)

(Oh and did I mention I am going to see The Killers on Friday night!? Nick said he wanted to come with how cute is that, ha-ha!!)


Teresa said...

I don't really play much kids music either for Elebelly. She loves "girl" songs...especially Kolbe Kalle (spelling?). Have fun at Killers!

Amy said...

OK. I have to admit that I don't let my kids play their music in my car either. Heck, they barely listen to their music at home either.

I do feel a bit bad though since I recently realized that they totally love their music.

I'd feel really bad, but they get lots of other stuff. Right???

Amy (from Gracobaby)