Whiny Wednesday...

Ok...so what do you do with all the mail (junk & good stuff) in your house? No matter how many times I try separating my mail with the recycle bin at my side....it still manages to pile up!? I have some nice wicker baskets to make the clutter look better, but it still disturbs me knowing it is just sitting there. We have a file cabinet for bills and really important things yet I still have a mountain of papers throughout the house.

Sometimes I do a quick de-clutter by throwing all my crap in laundry baskets or paper bags. Out of site out of mind right? Not! Then the bags just accumulate in my bedroom waiting for me to give them some attention. When I finally do...I manage to throw some away but end up just making more piles! Aaaahhh!

Help....Please offer me some unique suggestions on how I can successfully manage all my clutter!?

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