Margie's Monday Mommy confession my confession for today: Sometimes I shut myself in the bathroom to use the phone when my son is having a tantrum.

We all have different opinions and styles as to how we parent our children. For me, I feel that when my son is having a hissy fit, he needs to get it all out completely. I don't want to negatively reinforce his tantrums by giving him I leave him alone, go into the bathroom, shut the door, and make phone call to get my mind off of him.*

Now I do not do this often I admit. Usually I tell Nick that he needs to go upstairs to his bedroom (shut the door) and get all the yuckies out up there. When he is done....he can come downstairs :-) This has really worked for us. Sometimes he comes down the stairs calling out to me, "Mommy - I am all done crying now." Ha-ha! Kids are just so darn cute aren't they?

*I do make sure the environment is safe when I shut the door, so that he doesn't harm himself during these crying fits.

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