A new show just for Moms!

Moms, our time is NOW!

Finally a show giving moms the credit for what they do!

“Moms on the Move” is an entertaining and informative show that brings to light the power and importance of mothers.

Driven by the idea to give moms a platform to share their success stories and advice, Linda Swain, mother of six, has advanced an idea to an action packed program, taped in front of a live audience of 150 members, that will begin airing in June on over 115 stations around the country.

A true example of the moms she features, Linda, found a way onto a local major network show in Philadelphia without television experience. She soon earned Emmy Awards as a producer and host. Linda then convinced the executives at QVC studios, who have done no programming before or since, to allow her to use their audience theater to realize the vision of producing an “Oprah/Ellen” type show for moms, complete with 150 audience members, a house band, and finishing with an energizing audience sing-a-long to the “Moms on the Move” theme song composed and performed by Linda.

“Moms on the Move” features real life stories of women who have accomplished great things and can offer new ideas and options to viewers who want greater success in raising children, dealing with health issues, nurturing relationships, growing businesses and even living a purposeful life.

Linda includes compelling stories of celebrities and gives equal attention to moms who triumph after the loss of a child or have raised children while battling cancer. Linda thrills them and the audience by presenting a complete “Moms on the Move” makeover with celebrity designers stopping by to add advice and their personal touch.

And it doesn’t end when the show is over, moms have many opportunities to make an impact by nominating a great mom they know, promoting themselves and connecting with others in many ways on www.momsonthemove.com.

You don’t want to miss this! Check out the trailer for the show series here: www.momsonthemove.com/video/MOTMDEMO5.29.09.wmv

To watch Moms on the Move in your area, click here. And for all you Philly Moms...Moms on the Move will be airing in our area on NBC, June 28th at 12:30 PM. Set those DVR's!

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