I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer...

For those that did not read my post, It's not too early for sunscreen, I was diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer several weeks ago.
It all started with a freckle on my forehead about 4 years ago. Over time the freckle got darker and darker. My family doctor recommended I go see a dermatologist once a year being that I am a "moley," fair skinned person.  The dermatologist took a photo of the mole as a baseline and every 3 months I went back to the Dr. for check-ups. Well this last visit we both decided it was time to remove the mole. Because it was on the center of my forehead, he referred me to a plastic surgeon, to have the mole surgically removed. A week later the biopsy results came back and it was in fact, melanoma.

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer but if caught early is curable. Fortunately for me it was caught in stage 1, the thickness was measured at only .52mm. Unfortunately I had to go back for more surgery, however this time "going under." The doctors needed a wider margin of skin to ensure the cancer had not spread.

So fast forward to today....I am pleased to report I received clear margins! Despite the huge scar across my forehead, I am glad we decided to have it removed vs. waiting longer. Not only do I need to stay clear of the sun as much as possible (which seems impossible with two little kids), wear lots of sunscreen, but I also need to continue to see my dermatologist every 4 months for the next 2 years and then twice a year for 2 years, etc...

So all of you that read this post....PLEASE make sure to wear your sunscreen all year round. You can never be too cautions.

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