Mom's Recipe & Activity Guide

I am so excited to announce the launch of my good friend Teresa's book, Mom's Recipe and Activity Guide.

This book was written with a very special purpose in mind...To celebrate Teresa's mother's life. In eleven engaging chapters like "Recipes & Activities for Long Car Rides" Teresa offers kid-friendly treats like Let's Hit the Road Granola Bars and Feel-good Milkshakes. I have already ordered several copies to give to friends and family.

I cannot wait to start making the recipes with my son and daughter. We are always looking for activities to do together that BOTH kids will love (they are 3 years apart). This book makes a great gift at an affordable price point. It is a go-to resource for rainy days, snow days, our hot & humid days, and even under-the-weather days.

To purchase your copy and receive 30% off right now, visit this link for all details:

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