Tuesday Tip

So if you follow this blog or visit me from time to time, you will see that I am not always the best about posting on a regular basis.  With a hectic life it can be really tough.  I am making a pledge now, however, to start organizing my blogging life.

With that said, the other day I was at a local lake with some other moms discussing "life" while our kids played in the water.  Our conversation got me thinking....I need to start writing down useful tips I have acquired along the way.  From being new to Chester County to being a parent of two kids, I have met some wonderful people that have given me some very useful information.  So I am going to try sharing these tips, if you will, each week...not to mention it will help me organize my thoughts & have a place to keep them.

So most tips will probably only be useful to local readers but I am sure I can find some to throw in here that are relevant to all readers, no matter where you live!

So here goes....Tuesday Tip #1

This tip I read so I cannot take credit...I came across this awesome website called Momready. 

I am always trying to keep my car organized and clean (or as clean as it can be with a 5 yr. old and a 2 yr. old).  The lollipop sticks, goldfish, wrappers, juice boxes, straws, etc...just constantly pile up on the floor until I finally grab a Target bag to use for the trash.  But honestly, the Target bag hooked to my console looks really cheesy.  So...I found this great idea!

"Simply use your empty Kleenex boxes as a trash receptacle for your car. The plastic sheeting at the top keeps items neatly tucked inside the box, and with the amount of colds going through every family, there is a never ending supply of empty boxes. One for every member of the family if you must.  Plus when the box is full, you simply throw the whole thing away. This is much easier than the car trash cans sold in the stores, which demand to be regularly cleaned out to combat the residue left by anything sticky or melted." ~Momready.com

So there you go!  What do you think?  Do you have another unique idea you can share about how you keep your car clean?  Please share....

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Maureenrx said...

I think this is a great idea! I am always fighting the uphill battle of having the van not look like a total pigsty, and if each kid has an empty tissue box next to their seat, I think we can avoid a lot of the lollipop sticks/candy/other unidentified messes that I usually find in the back!