Tuesday Tip #8

So here's a simple but great tip I discovered the other night while cooking with my newest cookbook, The Best 30 Minute Recipes by Cooks Illustrated...

You know when you are cooking with hot oil and it always manages to spit out and either burn you or stain your clothes?  Well use a colander!  Place it upside down over your skillet and it will keep the oil from spraying onto you or your clothes.

And if you haven't looked at this cookbook, I highly recommend!  Not only is there a large variety of tasty 30 minute meals, but they also teach you how to cook and give you cool shortcuts and tips (like the one I've just shared).

Happy Cooking!

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FYT614 said...

Thanks for the tip. I don't cook with oil anymore (at least not for myself) but if my son every starts eating the foods I prepare for him, I'll use this tip...thanks...lol