Tuesday Tip

I am a 'list person.' 

Being a visual learner I love making lists to organize my thoughts, what I need to do, ideas for gifts, groceries, you name it!  The best part is crossing off the items and just seeing all that you've accomplished.  However in my life, sometimes I don't even have the time to make a list.  Sometimes I think of something brilliant to write down....but am not in the ideal situation to make note of my thoughts (ie. driving in the car, laying in bed at night, in the shower...you get the drift). 

So recently, I have been using my cell phone to make my lists!

Hence, my tip of the day:  Use your voice record feature on your cell phone to record your thoughts and listen to them later when you have the time.  If you don't have the voice record on your phone, send yourself a voicemail!

Are you a list person?  Do you have a great technique for your lists?  Please share....


The High Family said...

I am the same way!

Top of my list:


Thanks for the tip! :)

Maureen said...

Great idea, Margie. In fact, in reminded me of an interview I just read with Ray LaMontagne. He said that when he is out and about and he gets an idea for a song, he sings it into his iPhone!