Easy Roast Beef

With the snow we've been having here in PA I have been looking for some easy crock pot recipes.  There's something about a nice hot crock pot meal on a cold winer's night...Not to mention how easy it is to prepare a tasteful dinner when you're super busy! 

First, I just have to mention that we have started buying all of our meat from a local butcher.  They have fabulous freezer special deals.  I especially love that they will let you substitute different cuts of meat for what is listed in their standard packages.  It is awesome having the meat at my finger tips & saves $ on our grocery bill buying it in bulk.  So my freezer is stocked and I have a rump roast just waiting to be cooked....

I googled "rump roast recipes" and found this recipe for an Easy Roast Beef.  It is in the crock pot now and smells SO good.  I cannot wait to eat it!  Oh and here's a tip, if you want to try it out, make sure to read some of the reviews as they have some great suggestions of how you can make this even tastier.

Happy Eating!!

PS. This was the BEST roast beef!  Very moist.....

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