Where have I been?

If you have stopped by my blog you will see I have not given it much attention at all these last several months.  It is not that I have given up, I am actually busy with so many other projects I am finding it hard to manage my time.

So what are these projects you might be wondering?

Well my first & obvious "time consumer" is my business Chesapeake Ribbons.  I am the owner and founder of Chesapeake Ribbons, an online boutique providing you with classic handmade ribbon belts and accessories for the entire family (even your dog).  If you have not seen my boutique in a while please take a look now and let me know what you think.  I have been working hard to give it a whole new look and am so proud of the outcome.  In addition, I am always adding new ribbons and products so that YOU will want to keep coming back.  Here are just a few of my newest products:

The other big project I manage right now is Moxie Moms of the Philadelphia Suburbs.  When my husband and I made the choice to have me stay at home with the kids, I did not realize how hard it would be initially.  I was grieving my job and depressed because I did not have the adult socialization I needed (and I need to be around people)!  So I decided to do something about it....I started a chapter of Moxie Moms in the Chester County, PA area.

What is Moxie Moms you are wondering?

A network of women for "screamin' deals and social fun."  Our group consists of 60 moms (and we're still growing).  The unique feature about this group, what sets it apart from traditional mom's clubs, is we partner with local businesses to help them reach their market and the businesses give our moms exclusive deals.  In addition, our group is online.  We have have a blog, meet-up site, and facebook page in addition to our main website with activities calendar.  So not only do I participate in daily activities with my kids, I also manage the blog, facebook, and seek out local businesses for partnering.

And finally, I am a mother of two very active children and wife to a husband that travels quite a bit.  So as you can imagine, my "everyday life" can be very time consuming as well.  With one about to begin preschool and the other going into 1st grade, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do get a few hours to myself in the coming weeks.

So now you know....hopefully I make it back on here at least once a week as I am.....

"Gunning It, not a slow day yet...."

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