God give me patience.

If my daughter asks me if she can paint my nails or the dog's nails one more time.....I am going to SCREAM!  What is this obsession with nail polish.  Oh right, she is a girlie girl AND she is 3 years old. 

I do not have the patience....

Make-up, nail polish, dress-ups, high heels, jewelry, hair accessories, and dance parties.

I thought having a boy was hard but this is much harder dealing with a girlie girl, in my opinion.  I think I am better equipped as a mom to deal with the rough & tough, high-energy boy.  At least when he gets upset...he has a tantrum and it is done.  But that is not how my little girlie crab rolls.  It is constant nagging, whining, and high-pitched squealing.  And she never forgets!


Despite my lack of patience with the Little Miss....she IS very sweet  and considerate when she wants to be....and I do love that she always wants mommy (whereas my son always wants Dad).

God, just give me patience with her because I am sure I was the same way at her age.

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K. Maria said...

Margie! There is a simple solution for this problem. Take all the nail polish and HIDE it. In 9 months, you can give it all back. She'll never know !!!!!!