Song of the Week

I have recently started reading some blogs again.  In doing so, I came across One Man's Hodgepodge.  I have to admit, I am partial to his blog because he recently posted about Chesapeake Ribbons.  However he also posts a "Song of the Day" which I love.  I have always been a huge music fan and enjoy seeing live concerts.  Now that I have kids it is a lot harder to get to concerts (the cost, securing a babysitter, having to wake up early the next morning with the kids, etc.).  Anyway, One Man's Hodgepodge has inspired me to post a "Song of the Week" so I can share some of my new (and old) favorite tunes. 

I hope you enjoy.....

Thought her performance at the 2011 VMA's was fabulous. Her voice, music, and lyrics always give me the chills when I listen to her.

Her official video is awesome as well

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