Song of the Week...White Stripes

I just got back from Oktoberfest and I have to say it was SO much fun....better than I imagined believe it or not! For all the drinking that was going on, I did not see ONE fight. Crazy!? I've seen way more drunken chaos & fights at a single Eagles game, than I saw in the 2 days I attended Oktoberfest with thousands of people. Everyone was just happy. But I will post more about it along with my photos soon.
In the mean time, I wanted to share this song for my "Song of the Week." It was crazy that the generic chant for Oktoberfest was "Ooooooo" from "Seven Nation Army" by White Stripes. All day and night all you heard were crowds of people in and out of the tents and walking down the streets, chanting this song. Here is a clip from a previous Oktoberfest (not the one I attended) just to give you an idea....

And here is the actual song if you'd rather listen to the real thing....good stuff!

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