King's Pumpkin Farm, Parkesburg, PA

Gunning It believes that one of life's richest experiences is to transport yourself back in time and feel what it was like to live in an age gone by. Reading a book with a story that is set in another period and using the author's words and your own imagination is one way to experience the past. Going to a site where history has made an indelible impression and learning about & feeling that history is another way to experience the past. The Gunn Clan favors traveling to places where time seems to have stood still. Immersing one's family in a setting where traditions from yesteryear aren't just recited but lived, offers a truly special experience. It's as if you were transported back in time like Marty McFly in Back to the Future or Bill and Ted in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. The setting is so different, the contrast is so stark and the experience is so rich you just can't help experiencing, learning and creating memories that last a lifetime.

We are extremely fortunate to live close to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania which is home to the Pennsylvania Dutch, a culture, customs and way of life that has stayed remarkably consistent for centuries. It's a modern view into pre-Industrial Revolution societies in Europe and the United States where communities were bonded together by a set of common religious beliefs and an agrarian lifestyle. As you drive down Route 30 and make your way off of it to your destination of choice, you pass strip malls, car dealerships, gas stations but slowly they become fewer and you see acres of farm land, silos of grain, horses and black buggy's and those curious characters with conservative dress and a steely gaze. Your transport back in time isn't as hip as Marty's Delorean or Bill and Ted's phone booth but it's remarkable nonetheless.

Each year, the Gunn Clan visits King's Pumpkin Farm in Chester County immerse ourselves in the past, buy our Fall pumpkins and decorations and have some Fall Fun
. King's is a working farm that has Fall festivities in September and October. Beyond the experience of transporting oneself back to a different age and culture, there are plenty of fun family activities including:

  • Pumpkin picking
  • Corn maze
  • Hay ride pulled by Mules
  • Petting zoo

We typically spend one and a half hours there and offer the following recommendations:

  • Go on a Saturday afternoon (they are closed on Sunday).
  • Bring cash! Only cash or checks are accepted at the farm.
  • Take the wagon & clippers out to the pumpkin patch to cute your own pumpkins...the wagons make for an amazing prop in your family photos.
  • Do the corn maze and make sure to ask for the crossword puzzle.
  • Go to the lookout tower at the top of the corn maze (great photo op).
  • Try the apple cider and any of the pastries (we love the whoopie pies).  They also sell fresh milk and eggs.
  • Don't go crazy buying a lot of pumpkins; they are big and the cost tends to add up quickly. They are also heavy to haul back from the field!

Anna and Nick's Picks:
  • Anna's pick was playing with the puppy and eating fresh kettle popcorn with Dad


  • Nick's pick was the corn maze and picking pumpkins

    Our pictures...

     So do you want to visit King's Pumpkin Patch?  Have you already been to the farm?


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, King's Farm is in Chester County, not Lancaster County! Close though!

M.Gunn said...

Thank you!!

Unknown said...

Just stumbled upon your page, and I LOVE your mission :). King is awesome! We live a few miles away and go often. Such a cure place and great experience! Whoopie Pies!!

Cathy W said...

Just stumbled upon your page, and I LOVE your mission :). King is awesome! We live a few miles away and go often. Such a cure place and great experience! Whoopie Pies!!

Unknown said...

What time are they open Saturdays?

Unknown said...

What time are they open Saturdays?