Peddler's Village Apple Festival

Fall conjures up images of an ever changing tapestry of foliage, children waiting for the school bus, piles of dry leaves, harvest moons and bright, orange pumpkins. The air is crisp, the nights are chilly and the the wind takes on a new voice as it whistles through trees with drying, crumpled leaves. Ginger snaps, beef stew, apple cider, homemade soups reappear on the family menu. Corn mazes, pumpkin picking, making costumes and Fall sports displace swimming, beach time, barbecues and water sports. It's a time of transition.. from warm to cool weather...from vacation to school...from baseball to football...from short sleeves to long sleeves.

For Gunning It, Apple festival at Peddler's Village absolutely personifies Fall. Peddler's Village is set in a quaint little town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and has shops, eateries and a family fun center. It has the feel of a small European village around the holidays and during the first weekend of every November, it celebrates another Fall tradition.. the apple. Apple fest is a celebration of all things apple.. there are bushels of apples of every imaginable variety. You'll also find apple cider, apple wine, apple butter, apple turnovers, candy apples and the best apple dumpling you'll ever find! Apple fest is more than just apples though.. it really is a celebration of Fall. You'll also find great homemade vegetable soup in a black kettle, storefront sales, tables and tables of homemade crafts and lots of friendly dogs at the sides of their owners.

For entertainment, there is live music and an old wooden mill wheel that kids crowd around to throw coins and make wishes. Once everyone gets a little cold and needs a break, there is Giggleberry Fair which has a grand carousel, Giggleberry mountain (a multilevel maze with balls that can be shot down at unsuspecting parents), Discovery area for the little kids, arcade and more. You truly feel like you are in a Fall postcard when you visit Peddler's Village for the Apple festival. It is a quintessential Fall experience that leaves an indelible impression on every member of the family.


Gunning It Favorites include:

  • Apple butter with crackers
  • Apple Dumpling
  • Apple Turnover
  • Vegetable Soup from the Kettle
  • Warm Apple Cider
  • Chocolate covered soft pretzel

Nick and Anna's Picks:

  • Nick loved Giggleberry Mountain (finding and retrieving your children without getting pelted by balls is an art!).
  • Anna loved petting all of the different dogs walking with their owners throughout the village as well as the Apple Turnover.

Have you been to the Apple Festival?  If so, what is your favorite thing to do?

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