Walt Disney World

 When families are polled on the vacation that they'd like to take, Walt Disney World  is almost always at or near the top of the list. It is a mecca for family recreation and entertainment and attracts families from the United States and around the world. Some families scrimp and save for years to find a way to make the trip...other families are more fortunate and make their way there multiple times a year. However you get there and regardless of how often you make the trip, Walt Disney World leaves an indelible impression because it offers a truly unique blend of entertainment, thrill, fantasy and service.

Many parents have joked that they need a vacation after a trip to Disney and for good reason. Disney stuffs as much fun, adventure, activity and memories as you possibly can into a family vacation. There are the classic memories of walking down main street in the Magic Kingdom towards Cinderella's Castle, hopping from country to country in Epcot and getting to Hollywood Studios early to try to get your little padawan into a Jedi training class. 

Like any great adventure, often times it isn't the classic postcard moments that create the most lasting memories.. it's the quiet moments in the midst of the chaos of the adventure. It's watching your four year old little girl pull her pink rolling suitcase to the hotel room. It's seeing your six year old “big boy” snuggled up in a stroller like he is three all over again. It's sitting at the bus stop listening to your little girl explain how to read the map of Animal Kingdom. It's playing Marco Polo in the pool. It's watching your children discuss and debate what they want to do that day as vociferously as politicians debating tax or foreign policy. Those are the moments that stand out. 

 Is Disney World needed to create those moments? No, of course not.. but for a number of reasons it provides a perfect setting for those moments to happen. When they happen you realize that the money was worth it...the struggle to get there was worth it...the post-Disney recovery time will be worth it. Disney World is the ultimate family memory maker for so many families...it was for Gunning It too!

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