Elf on the Shelf...Willy

When we first heard about the “Elf on the Shelf” I have to confess that my immediate reaction was similar to the first time I saw Christmas decorations in stores around early November...or saw footage of shoppers stampeding each other for discounted TV's, hours after celebrating Thanks for everything they have in their lives. Here we go again – more over-commercialization of Christmas. As a family, we aren't usually early adopters but we're not laggards either. We'll usually jump on a trend after the early adopters pay the early premium prices and the market works out all the bugs and kinks. When it came to Elf on the Shelf though we resisted the trend because we thought it was overly commercial and a bit cheesy. We resisted for a couple Christmas seasons but reluctantly gave in when Nick was five and Anna was two. 

 Our Elf was named Willy and arrived to a home filled with parental skepticism. Willy was very much on a trial...if the kids weren't interested, Willy would quickly go the way of the foot massager, the hand crank radio and the Gunn family wok. If the kids were interested, we'd stick with it until they lost interest. We're still waiting for them to lose interest. They absolutely loved the tradition and would race down the stairs each morning trying to find out where Willy moved to. He made his way to the top of the tree, the ceiling fan, the cookie jar, the mantle...of course there were nights where Willy was "incredibly tired" and stayed in the same spot as the day before. It didn't matter, the kids were hooked. They love Willy and it has become part of our family's Christmas tradition.

We're not as “creative” as some parents...Willy isn't that mischievous. He doesn't steal things, shave my hair while sleeping or create a mess on our kitchen countertops often. Willy is a regular old 'Elf on the Shelf' and likes moving to new spots every night (well, most nights)...Well until we heard about Elf Outfitters.

Elf Outfitters is a new company conjured up during mommypreneur chats to make "Accessories that will inspire your creativity and bring your Family Elf to life."  The line offers six different kits from a Hawaiin Luau kit to a Super Hero kit (one we decided to try first).  All kits are shipped for free and only cost $7 - $10. So go on and order your kit now...or stock up for next season.  The Super Hero kit we received came complete with a Superhero cape with personalized letter, adhesive masks, and an Elf Ideas inspiration card.

I personally loved the inspiration card that came with the kit.  It gives you ideas on how to set-up your elf as well as how to inspire a family activity.


The kids LOVED finding their Elf Willy this morning.  Nick couldn't stop cracking up.  His reaction...priceless.

Have you purchased an Elf Outfitters Kit?  Which one do you love?

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