Making Memories at Waterloo Gardens

One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Suess: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. Like any great quote or lyric, it offers a poignant view that can be broadly interpreted in a variety of impactful ways. For me, this quote says that moments that can seem routine can actually wind up being very special with the realization of how special the moment was revealing itself over time. Lasting memories can be made in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. Often times, memories are made when you least expect it.. like a trip to Waterloo Gardens.

We're fortunate to live close to Waterloo Gardens in Exton, PA.. so close that we pass it on just about every car ride to and from our home. From Whitford Road, it looks like a nice store that sells flowers, trees and other landscaping supplies. It looks quaint, homey and altogether cozy. Its looks are both accurate and deceiving. Waterloo Gardens is quaint and homey but when you get inside it keeps going.. and going.. and going (in a great way). At Christmas time, it is decorated in holiday d├ęcor and has the feel of a traditional department store. Waterloo's Santa is so realistic he reaffirms belief of doubting second graders and recalls childhood memories from parents bringing their children for a visit. Santa is perched on his sleigh and takes time to engage in actual discussions with each and every child. The line moves slowly as a result but its worth the wait. When Nick and Anna had their chance to sit with Santa, Nick was very concerned about accurately communicating his number one Christmas wish.. a battery operated motorcross bike. He asked if he could show Santa a picture from my iPhone and I obliged. The visual of Santa holding my iPhone and Nick explaining what the motorcross bike is and why he wanted it so badly will be forever seared into my memory. Nick and Santa had a very serious conversation with Anna watching on intently about the absolute need to wear a helmet each and every time he rides. Nick was nodding furiously and it was very clear that a deal had been struck. If only poor Ralphie had an iPhone, he may have alleviated Santa's concerns about shooting his eye out!

After Santa, we browsed around and looked at many of the different Christmas displays and decorations. Each section had a different theme and had products (both seasonal and non-seasonal) that are unique. If you like finding unique gifts, this is a place you'll love! It was as close to window shopping on a main street as you can get it in Suburbia. Walking around, it felt like a really nice visit to a local store that we bypass with such regularity it fades into the landscape. As the days pass though, many of those moments have become memories that I recall each time I pass Waterloo Gardens and other random times throughout the day. The value of those moments become greater and greater as each day passes. Thank you Dr. Seuss and thank you Waterloo Gardens!!


Gunning It Tips include:
  • Plan to spend at least an hour – Waterloo Gardens is much bigger than it appears
  • Bring activities for the children to focus on while they wait in line for Santa (in addition to a conversational Santa, you can take as many pictures as you'd like which tends to slow things down)
  • If you have toddlers, you may want to bring a stroller (there are lots of breakable items for sales)
  • Bring some carrots and visit the miniature ponies in the back of the property (just past the Christmas trees).

Nick and Anna's Picks:
  • Santa.. of course!
  • Looking at all the different types of Christmas trees
  • Kid's Corner located by the bathrooms complete with coloring pages, crayons, and play house.

If you have not visited Santa at Waterloo Gardens yet, there is still time.  He will be there this Saturday and Sunday (15th & 16th) from 1 - 3 pm.  It is FREE to all and make sure to bring your own camera for photos!

Waterloo has fun family events all year long so be sure to view their schedule here.  What other events do you love to attend with your family at Waterloo?

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