Walt Disney World Tips, Part II

So today we are finally posting Part 2 of our Walt Disney World Tips 
(You can find our Tips, Part 1 here if you missed our initial posting).

1. Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World for the first or second time?  There is so much to learn about booking a trip in Disney so have someone book it for you!  Fortunately my friend works for Disney booking trips.  She is FREE to you and earns commission on her bookings through Disney.  She knows the parks like the back of her hand.  She will give you so much info., advice, and special deals as soon as they are made available.  So check her out on Facebook now to get started...Be Our Guest Vacations.  (And for another great tip and review site, visit  www.disneyed.com).

2. Thinking about renting vs. bringing a stroller?  We rented a stroller from Kingdom Strollers and it was by far, worth the money! They will drop off your stroller to the resort (such a pain to travel with strollers) and will then pick it up when you leave from your hotel/resort.  You are also able to choose your stroller whereas some of the other rental companies do not give you a choice.  We wanted the City Elite double so it could hold Nick and Anna's combined weight. They used it all the time...it provided shade for the kids, was roomy enough for them to nap, and when the park was crowded we had them hang in the stroller to keep from getting lost in the sea of people.  Definitely some of the best spent money on our Disney trip!

3. We highly recommend adding the Disney mobile app to your smart phone before going to the parks.  It worked out really well and I preferred it to the other paid apps you can download.  I also used the crowd calculators to determine our park "itinerary" from day-to-day.  We also started the days by grabbing our fast pass for popular rides and then used the Disney app to calculate wait times at nearby rides while waiting for our fastpass time.

4. Hollywood Studios:  We did not have breakfast scheduled at this park (if you read Part 1 you will know that we are big fans of scheduling the character meals in the mornings for breakfast).  At Hollywood Studios we definitely wanted to make sure Nick was signed up for the Jedi Training.  We also wanted to grab a Toy Story Mania fast pass right away as this is an extremely popular ride.  So our plan...we arrived at the park a 1/2 hour before it opened (sometimes they will open the gates a little early, which they did on our day at HS).  As soon as we entered we split up: 2 of us ran to Jedi Training (make sure to take your child that is signing up with you - they have to be there in order to register) and the rest of us ran straight to Toy Story Mania to grab our Fast passes for the family later in the day.  You could probably hop on and ride while your are there too if it's a short wait, but I wanted to wait for the whole family. 

Another tip for Hollywood Studios, we recommend visiting this park the "3rd day" into your trip since there are a variety of shows.  We found the shows to be a good way to relax from all the hustle and bustle at previous parks.

And finally, we highly recommend the Fantasmic! Package at Hollywood Studios. We saved sit-down meal for this package deal.  When you book this lunch or dinner package you will receive VIP tickets to sit up front for the show.  No waiting in line (and the lines were LONG). The night time show itself was fantastic as promised and probably our favorite of all the shows in WDW.  The kids will see all of the popular Disney characters at this show! 

5. We really loved Epcot.  Since we are a "travel family" it was the perfect park for us.  Our tip, purchase the Epcot Passport book for the kids (found in world gift shops).  It made the perfect souvenir while being educational.  As you explore the countries the kids can have their books (which really look like real passports) stamped by the country and have "hello" or their name written inside in the countries language.  The kids really looked forward to each country and it made the learning experience fun.  In addition to the passports, each world showcase country offers "Kidcot stations."  While we were there, the kids were given (yes it's free) a picture of Duffy bear on a stick so it can be handled like a puppet.  The kids can have this stamped by the countries as well as decorate it at the stations.   Great for smaller kids in my opinion.

Another great game for the older kids (which we didn't know about until it was too late) is the Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure.  The kids can "become a secret agent and go undercover on this interactive quest around the world showcase."  My son probably would have loved this...maybe next time!

And finally our last Epcot tip, (my one regret)....I hear the fireworks at Epcot are awesome, however we were all so exhausted (remember we had an early breakfast at the Royal Banquet Hall) we just decided to go back to the resort and get some sleep.  If you do stay (or return later after a nap which we should have done) for the fireworks, my friend offered great advice: Watch the fireworks on the bridge by Paris for the best viewing spot.  And don't forget to grab a glass of champagne from Paris!  FYI, You can watch Epcot fireworks from some nearby resorts (we stayed at the Caribbean and fireworks can be seen from their main pool).

So there you have it.  Our basic Disney tips for Walt Disney World  Part II.  Do not forget to read about our experience and Part 1. Hope this helps with your trip.  We would love for you to add your tips...


kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS said...

This is so helpful! We're considering a trip around Christmas time and I was looking for ways to plan the best trip. Thanks!

kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS said...
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Life with Kaishon said...

It sounds like you had a very fun and busy trip! : ) I am glad you could get away and enjoy some sunshine.

Anonymous said...

How old are you kids? I am not trying to be nosy but I was curious of the stroller. My daughter just turned 6 and we haven't used a stroller for a long time but was wondering if we should for our Disney Trip! Thank you for all the tip!!!

M.Gunn said...

Great question, my kids were 3 and 6 at the time. I definitely recommend a stroller for the 6 year old because I found my son was exhausted from the heat and excitement of rides. We could keep going even when he needed a break that way. Plus as I mentioned above, it's great to have when it is crowded (so the kids don't get lost in the shuffle) or when it is really hot/sunny. Thanks for visiting our blog!

Anonymous said...

We just came back and definitely recommend a stroller. My nephew is 6 and may have even spent more time in the stroller than my 1.5 yr old (he's in that "I wanna walk stage"). We orders some groceries too so rented from https://www.strollersandgroceries.com/. It was easy like mentioned here. Drop off and pic up directly from the resort. We also got the Citi Mini (single tho). Easy to fold up and use on the buses.