About the Gunn Clan

The Gunn philosophy is to prioritize life experiences over material possessions. We focus on amassing experiences above wealth, building personal relationships more than vast social networks and supporting each other and our community instead of focusing on what's in it for each of us. We believe that the 'good life' is a life spent experiencing, learning, working, helping, laughing and loving.

Our philosophy has been shaped by our own life experiences. We've survived cancer in our marriage, we've lost a parent to a terminal illness and we've had the great fortune of spending lots of time with people who courageously confronted death and gladly shared their own life experiences with us. We haven't met anyone that has confronted their own mortality and lamented that they wished they had more money in their bank account, had a bigger house or a nicer car. Instead we've heard the following regrets: I wish I spent more time with my children when they were growing up. I wish we had another child. I wish I had traveled more. I wish I had started my own business instead of working for someone else my whole life. The memories that are shared are the birth of their children, family traditions, vacations and the crazy stories that became larger than life with each passing year.

Becoming parents has validated our philosophy. Our children are happiest when they are reacting to new experiences. They like getting new possessions but the happiness is only temporary. They forget the toys that they received for their birthday but they never forget the party. They eventually forget the souvenirs that they bought on vacation but they never forget jumping waves with you in the ocean. They forget the gift that they picked out for your birthday but they never forget the huge hug that you give them. Parenthood has also taught us that we each learn best by experiencing and contrasting as many new experiences as possible. Engaging in new experiences together helps build relationships within the family and strengthens the overall family unit. The family that travels together experiences together.. the family that experiences together stays together.

We built this blog to:

  • Promote the merits of an 'Experience Based Lifestyle' and show how travel can bring a family closer together
  • Share our travel experiences and spark travel ideas for others to pursue with their own families
  • Catalog our family's travel experiences so we can have a reference to look back at as we all get older.